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Our mission is to help people be happy, confident and successful every day.

Established by Karen See and Sharn Bedi, {embrace} worldwide encapsulates their own personal and professional leadership journeys, along with studied principles backed by neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

Having worked at an advertising agency together -- ambitious career women they formed a personal alliance and bond -- coaching, mentoring and sponsoring each other in what can truly be called a (mad) man’s world.

With more than 45 years of work experience between them, Karen and Sharn draw on personal experience as Asian women, and professional success (and failures) working at a Global capacity, to build a community that empowers and enables people to create and celebrate their happiness, confidence and success every day.

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An Australian of Chinese descent, Karen has lived in Sydney, London, New York and is currently based in Hong Kong. Having worked in four continents, Karen has a great understanding of people, how to motivate them and how to inspire them to be their very best.

With nearly 25 years experience in marketing communications specializing in public relations, advertising and media strategy, Karen has led regional teams in Europe and Asia working with multinational companies across industries including consumer electronics, IT, banking and finance. 

As a marketing and communications professional, Karen has a proven track record in building companies to generate brand value and growth.

As a professional coach, she has honed her corporate branding skills to help clients build their personal brand story to succeed in life and business.

As a women in leadership, Karen understands the trials and tribulations of juggling life and work.

A big believer in mentoring and coaching, Karen is committed to arming – all that will let her – with the tools to be better versions of themselves. 

E-mail Karen at: karen.see@embraceworldwide.asia



As an MBA graduate, management and marketing professional, Sharn has succeeded within a broad range of professional roles – across global markets, and diverse industries – including automotive, healthcare, agency, publishing and digital portals.

Born in India, raised in Australia, and currently based in Singapore, Sharn is a strategic and practical player able to gain support across various cultures and organization structures. 

Sharn combines her passion for developing people; her intrigue in health; neuroscience; and, positive psychology into her leadership style, coaching, and consulting.

As a woman in leadership, Sharn has been admired for her tenacity and commitment to people, organization and personal success. Described as a ‘career-omnivore’, she successfully juggles many roles.  

A career spanning more than 20 years, Sharn’s motto evolved; from being ‘the best of my best’, to ‘helping others become their best’.

E-mail Sharn at: sharn.bedi@embraceworldwide.asia


Happy Clients


Karen See

I began working with Karen at the end of 2015 when I was making significant transitions in both my life and my career. She helped me navigate some of the bigger challenges I was facing, and identify and focus on what was important to me in order to discover my own path for the future. She is a great listener, a great mentor and a great motivator. I have a fierce desire to learn and grow. Karen helped me establish goals early on in the process, and encouraged me to take action to achieve the things that were truly important to me. At times she was a sounding board as I worked through my own thoughts and ideas. At other times, she offered invaluable advice and tools to help me make meaningful changes in my life and find the confidence to follow through on my action plan. Karen’s compassion, experience and understanding has truly helped me to realize what ‘Success Everyday’ looks like for me, and to find the balance I wanted in work and life and become a better me!

- Louise Upperton


{embrace} gave me the tools to consolidate my passion, my skills and my talents in what I now consider not a job — but my life. That's my personal experience, which might be different for others. Karen and Sharn are very discrete so experiences may differ – I would not really know…

However, since having experienced {embrace} coaching, I work only for projects which I know provides significant value to clients to achieve their objectives. Plus, I only choose projects I enjoy — I don't take clients only to make money (anymore). And yet I have more work than ever before! In the process, I have also been able to  - and I don't really know how – attract like-minded talent to collaborate with me when I need support. 

Having been a convert of {embrace} leadership, I am happier, more successful and I also feel I have found my purpose — that I am leaving some kind of legacy. Karen always reminds me that leadership is a way of being. The {embrace} leadership philosophy has the tools to find the leader inside of you, shape it and boost it. 

- Coral Puig


Coaching with Karen creates a safe space for me to express my thoughts, and worries. In return I finish every session with clarity and reassurance on how I will proceed and take responsibility for my own thoughts and actions. Karen’s coaching helps me tackle challenges that previously, would have weighed me down with stress and anxiety into manageable seemingly doable tasks.

Karen has been instrumental in my professional growth over this past year; I have seen my stress levels drop dramatically and an increase in my skill set to prioritize and accomplish tasks.

 ‘The most effective way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development’

This has to be the most valuable piece of information I can offer to anybody at a crossroads or butting heads with themselves on weather to invest in a life coach.

I can confidently say my sense of appreciation for my own thought processes; sheer determination and desire to be a better version of myself has directly been as a result of investing in a life coach.

- Bobbie Poulton


Sharn Bedi

Sharn was highly recommended to me by a friend who was having Exec Coaching as I was at a cross roads in my life and career. To say our sessions have been life changing is an understatement. Sharn helped me realise what my core values and drivers in life are and how to make the most of these. She has also guided me towards better relationships both professionally and personally. I am now far more productive in general and confident I'm on the right path. Along the way, I've come to admire and love Sharn, her kindness, empathy and straight talking are unique and honest. The entire experience has been exceptional and one of the best choices I have ever made.

- Miranda Dimopoulos

Embrace brought a new perspective into my life at a time when I was meandering through life's ups and downs. 

Sharn's gentle, purposeful approach made it easier for me to open up, whilst keeping focus on the issues. Moving forward I would like to reflect on all that we have discussed and put all that we spoke about into action. Thank you for being there... 

- Gauri

While I was/am at cross roads in my career and life, having to deal with a lot of up’s and downs that life was throwing at me, I was introduced to Sharn by one of my closest friend. She mentioned to me Shan the founder of Embrace, has been working for women empowerment by providing coaching, counseling on all aspects of life. I decided to seek her help on my career and also personal front on how to live life to the fullest with what we have..

She showed me that life is a blessing and we have a lot of blessings to count on, she helped me changed my mind set from negativity to positivity. She has a wealth of experience in coaching and also how it all connects scientifically. Some of the approach she used was to get me to identify my strength, a few exercise on how to cope with stress, how to look at every event from a different (positive) perspective. Helped me set realistic target by setting my expectation on the importance of time. She has made me understand that by perseverance dedication and having a positive outlook we can achieve anything.

I feel fortunate for having known her and subscribing to the coaching classes, I am half way though and looking forward for more interactions with her which brings out the better in me and helps identify myself.

-  Brinda

I was unaware of Embrace philosophy or its benefits. Being in a middle of uncomfortable zone in my life where fight or flight was the only option, I selected fight holding on to embrace. It validated my bravery and fanned my confidence, nurtured my energy and gave me positive outlook to deal with everyday professional issue.  Sessions provided clarity to my thoughts and we build on smaller goals instead of vague ideas. Embrace coaching with Sharn proved to be more beneficial due to friendly chat sessions as part of person touch. It was more of a chit chat over a coffee with an added benefit of feeling energetic and refreshed after each session.

Thank you Sharn and Embrace for being there. 

- Anjali