2018 MBA CSEA Asian Conference, 'Talent Now, 2020 and Onward


The 2018 MBA CSEA Asian Conference was held in Hong Kong at the Shangri La, Kowloon with the conference theme, "Talent Now, 2020 and Onward".  The conference provided an opportunity for career service professionals and employers alike to discuss and explore emerging MBA/Masters hiring trends and employer expectations in the Asia region.

{embrace} worldwide co-founder Karen See presented World Café’an interactive session where the audience participated in group coaching, facilitated by Ken Chow (managing partner) and Carly Chung (director of community). The group coaching session generated discussion about the topics that the panellists and keynote speakers explored, and also allowed for information sharing, networking and the forging of relationships between the professionals. 

 The group coaching explored:

  • How to best cater to future business leaders
  • The role of recruiters to support the curriculum
  • The notion of an ideal MBA programme for students and employers alike
  • The needs of future MBA curriculum

Thank you to Sean Ferguson for the invitation to run the session, and well done to MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance for organising such an engaging and inspiring conference. Initiatives like this will allow industry leaders to better support students.

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