{embrace} hosts TedxTinHauWomen POWER, PERMISSION, PROGRESS event in Hong Kong

{embrace} hosts TedxTinHauWomen POWER, PERMISSION, PROGRESS event in Hong Kong


An original member of the curation team for the TedxTinHauWomen in November, Karen See, co-founder of {embrace} worldwide curated and hosted the POWER, PERMISSION PROGRESS event which took place on March 24, 2018. The theme was influenced by the many issues that we face in today’s world – migration and displaced people; sexual harassment and abuse; and the digitisation of our lives. For women and children, and not at the exclusion of men, the impact is much greater… much more prevalent.

Micaela Cronin, CEO of Hager International, a global organisation addressing the impact of human trafficking, slavery and abuse. Passionate about building communities healed from the trauma of severe abuse, she shared with us how Hager is placing the POWER back to survivors, as well as how we can make a difference in the way we live every day. 

Rebecca Hopkins, a coach, a leadership development trainer, and a Body Safety Advocate and Educator spoke of PERMISSION based touch and educating our children to make them informed adults around their own sexuality and protecting our own bodies. 

Dr. Jason G. Coe who researches media, gender and culture at the University of Hong Kong went all interactive — allowing us to choose in real time – which issue of PROGRESS we wanted to address. His convincing message was that only with uncertainty can we have progress. With #metoo and sexual harassment being the nominated topic, he shared his perspective around the movement and what we can expect next. 

Following the speeches, Ken Chow, Managing Partner of {embrace} worldwide gathered the speakers on stage for a panel discussion — providing an opportunity for the audience to ask questions such as, how men can get involved and support #metoo and will we ever see progress; what are the red flags to alert you that your child may have been sexually interfered with; and how does modern slavery manifest in Hong Kong. 

#MeToo. Now What, Desi?