{embrace} leadership development series. vol. 2


The next {embrace} leadership development series is launching at the end of February in Hong Kong, ‘Put your boldest foot forward. Always.’

Conducted by {embrace} worldwide co-founder Karen See and managing partner Ken Chow, this is a combination of personal development and group coaching. {embrace} success arms people with the knowledge and tools to be happy, confident and successful every day.

Developed initially for MBA students, {embrace} success is now available to the Hong Kong community. A series of seven x 2-hour leadership workshops, the programme enhances self awareness, self confidence and belief for personal growth and career success.

Leveraging the principles of neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, the leadership workshops focus on helping us to better understand ourselves and others to live a life in balance and harmony.

Limited to 15 participants only, the programme is a safe place to share, discuss and build a sense of community. An investment in your success: HKD$2275. Book at Eventbrite or for further information contact admin@embraceworldwide.asia.