photo gallery from {embrace} harmony seminars featuring Khenpo Lungaten Gyatso. May 2017

Earlier this month {embrace} worldwide proudly presented {embrace} harmony - a series of seminars featuring Bhutanese Monk and Pro Vice Chancellor of the Royal University of Bhutan, Khenpo Lungtaen Gyatso. He visited Hong Kong from 13-17th May 2017 and he shared Buddhist teachings, universal human values, and achieving our life’s purpose – happiness and success.

While in Hong Kong, Khenpo conducted a number of private and public seminars in and around the city including:

  • IRIS Insider on Saturday 13th May.
  • {embrace} harmony for family and friends on Sunday 14th – Monday 15th May.
  • {embrace} harmony with Hong Kong Academy on Tuesday, 16th May
  • {embrace} harmony with Hong Kong University of Science & Technology & Metta on Tuesday 16th May evening.

All money raised during the events has now been donated to Khenpo’s charity of choice the The Royal University of Bhutan’s Mindfulness Development Fund. {embrace} worldwide is proud to announce that there was a total of US$5,600 raised, which is the first international donation that the Fund has received.