{embrace} leadership success model


wheel of success every dayTM

The {embrace} leadership success model is a proprietary system based on scientifically proven principles of human behaviour, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience, as well as leverage our practical and corporate experience in leadership and professional coaching.

When the {embrace} leadership success model leads is learned and integrated, it will lead to greater happiness and confidence, for success every day™.


Developing your strengths and finding your meaning. Living a life with purpose and authenticity.


Developing your strengths and finding your meaning. Living a life with purpose and authenticity.


Celebrating and accepting who we are. Confidence and self belief starts from within and then resonates.

{r}isk taking

It’s stepping up, 'leaning in', participating and standing up to our fears and doubts.


We are a constant work-in-progress. Viewing failure as part of the journey to success. Continued learning, effort and feedback for professional and personal growth.


A haven for positive support. To collaborate effectively we must overcome our own biases to be a community. It’s coaching, mentoring, sponsorship, networking, learning and sharing.


Learning to manage our physical, mental and spiritual energy. Focusing on meditation, mindfulness, exercise, sleep and nutrition.

evolution of {embrace} } leadership success model

With programmes designed for both men and women, the {embrace} leadership success model promises to generate confident, collaborative and engaged people in life and within the organisation. {embrace} leaders champion diversity and inclusion, as they are better able to collaborate and influence others in a positive ‘win-win’ way.

Practicing the principles of {embrace} will:

  • raise people's confidence

  • build collaborative and positive work environment by overcoming unconscious biases

  • generate full engagement for balanced life

  • generate happy, satisfied, motivated and loyal employees – personal growth

  • generate greater productivity, creativity, customer loyalty – corporate growth

  • positive collaboration and inclusiveness across all personal and professional relationships

  • develop self actualised, authentic and balanced individuals for happiness, confidence and success every day.

The {embrace} leadership success model is not a list of actions or tips, it is a mind set change – a way of being. 

For an individual, the {embrace} } leadership success model enhances your way of being, and within an organisation, {embrace} creates positive culture change for stronger results.

happy clients

As a FinTech company, we have been experiencing exponential growth, this meant our leadership team was also evolving and changing. Thanks to {embrace}, Karen, Christine and Ken, supported us to reinforce our vision and values and trained us to transfer this to our employees. The group coaching laid the foundation to help us move forward as a cohesive leadership team and thus a successful company.

- Mark Munoz, Managing Director, Contineo Limited


Just got the news that I can speak at TEDx again and I want to thank YOU Karen for being so supportive and transforming!! I've been so much stronger since your workshops and speaking at TEDxTinHauWomen, thanks for being with me throughout 2017, it was really special for me!

- Lucy, MBA student


After my first chemistry session with Karen, I knew that I was ready to make an investment in my persona and professional development. I was on the cusp of change and needed some guidance on how to navigate my future. With Karen’s support I’ve  identified my key character strengths and learned how to channel them both professionally and personally so I’m thriving and living my authentic self. Karen has a unique ability to guide you into to finding clarity in your emotions and how to respond accordingly.

Working with Embrace Worldwide and taking part in the leadership series has been a game changer for me, so if you find yourself at a crossroads I would highly recommend making the investment in your personal development

- Jo, Information Technology, Research & Advisory


I have certainly benefited from this program. Still in this day and age women are left too much alone in the business environment and do not get the support they deserve. By starting from the bottom up and creating a group of women to support women the first step has been taken. This program left me stronger and more conscious about my own environment and how I can make a more positive impact on other people's lives.

- Silvie, MBA student

I have attended the embrace leadership workshops as well as participated in one-to-one coaching with Karen See. The leadership series was excellent! Time well spent learning valuable lessons such as how to show up as leader every day and how to understand others leadership styles in order to foster effective collaboration. Karen and Ken are engaging facilitators with a depth of experience and inspiring stories to share. Karen is a caring and motivating coach dedicated to helping women excel and succeed, and find what makes them happy as they navigate the corporate world.

- Jolene, Occupational Health & Safety


The Women in MBA Network initiative was a very enriching program for me. It changed the way I think about other women in my organisation and it gave me a different perspective on how to deal with conflict in the work place. I had an amazing time with Karen, and my fellow WiMN members and became better friends with everyone through the program. I will continue to support this program and recommend it to anyone.

- Inge, MBA student