Happy Clients


As a FinTech company, we have been experiencing exponential growth, this meant our leadership team was also evolving and changing. Thanks to Embrace, Karen, Christine and Ken, supported us to reinforce our vision and values and trained us to transfer this to our employees. The group coaching laid the foundation to help us move forward as a cohesive leadership team and thus a successful company.

- Mark Munoz, Managing Director, Contineo Limited


Just got the news that I can speak at TEDx again and I want to thank YOU for being so supportive and transforming!! I've been so much stronger since your workshops and speaking at TEDxTinHauWomen, thanks for being with me throughout 2017, it was really special for me!

- Lucy, MBA student

When I first thought about career coaching, I was skeptical. Why would I need someone to tell me things that I can read and study online. If I was having trouble, then that was my fault because the solution was just to work harder and work smarter. Any other issues were just endemic to the field. Moreover, career coaches couldn’t possibly understand the intricacies of academia — a career that is supposed to be a calling and form of community service to knowledge and education. I didn’t need motivation or productivity hacks. Yet, I found myself stuck in my career trajectory and my levels of productivity. Worst of all, I felt resentful about that stagnation, as though I had no control over my career. Something had to give.

Working with Ken brought me a lot of clarity regarding not only what I have to be grateful about, but also exactly how I could improve my mindset and regain my mojo. I went into it thinking that I had nothing to lose, but came out knowing I had everything to gain. While there were many specific tips, tactics, and “life hacks” Ken had to offer, he was wise enough to recognize that these weren’t necessarily what I needed. Instead, he really got to know me and tailored his coaching to suit my unique skillset and career challenges. Just like an sports coach, he analysed my tendencies, helped me concretize my goals and visualize my path towards achieving them, and worked with me to develop a sustainable and productive process that activates what I really sought all along: meaningful connection with my work. Ken taught me something about what I can’t get from books, and in doing so, has helped reignite my passion for reading and writing them!

Thanks Ken!

- Jason, Lecturer, HKU

Claire has unique coaching skills which helped me identify personal attributes and skills which had not been known to me. She is proficient in listening, observing and asking questions to identify root cause of issues. Throughout the six months of coaching I made considerable positive changes. I would recommend Claire’s executive coaching services for any executives and senior leaders.

- Vincent, Market Risk Director, Banking Industry

Claire has been an extremely valuable asset to our company and has built fantastic relationships with the business. Feedback from those she coaches is always extremely positive. Claire is very personable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her offerings as a coach.

- Elizabeth, HR Business Partner, Banking Industry

After my first chemistry session with Karen, I knew that I was ready to make an investment in my persona and professional development. I was on the cusp of change and needed some guidance on how to navigate my future. With Karen’s support I’ve identified my key character strengths and learned how to channel them both professionally and personally so I’m thriving and living my authentic self. Karen has a unique ability to guide you into to finding clarity in your emotions and how to respond accordingly.

Working with Embrace Worldwide and taking part in the leadership series has been a game changer for me, so if you find yourself at a crossroads I would highly recommend making the investment in your personal development

- Jo, Information Technology, Research & Advisory


I have certainly benefited from this program. Still in this day and age women are left too much alone in the business environment and do not get the support they deserve. By starting from the bottom up and creating a group of women to support women the first step has been taken. This program left me stronger and more conscious about my own environment and how I can make a more positive impact on other people's lives.

Silvie, MBA student

I had a brilliant consultation with one of the team members of Embrace, Ken Chow, last year. I hadn't realised that speaking to an experienced objective party about some conundrums I'd had at the time to do with work/life could be so helpful. Since then I had another consultation with Ken and felt like a lot of my thoughts were distilled and clarified bouncing off of him. My work has been going the way I wanted it to now and my artwork is in the April edition of Hi-Fructose magazine with an interview with me! Thank you loads Ken!

- Angela, Freelance Art & Design Director

Karen started mentoring me during a time when I was transitioning to a more senior role as a Marketing Director. Her practical guidance enabled me to strategically step forward and reach my potential. I cannot recommend Karen enough! Her agile and thoughtful coaching style can help anyone reach their goals.

- Angela, Global Marketing Director, Star Rapid

Karen and Ken are great communicators and presenters. They were able to take a brief and transform it into a very effective keynote session. They created an environment where our delegates felt comfortable to share their experiences and reflect on their leadership style.

- Jennifer, Head of Event Production, Momentum Media Pty.

I benefited immensely from having Claire Jung as my coach. She introduced new habits to revamp my operating model in management and I gained new insights in task management and coaching. She guided me through tumultuous periods at work by giving me the much-needed assurance and confidence. 

- Vince, Managing Director, Head of Rates Trading Asia - Singapore

Claire has been an invaluable coach in helping me to grow into a new leadership role. Her strengths are in uncovering the deep-rooted reasons for restrictive behaviours and then helping to set habits to correct them. She has also helped me to communicate more effectively with my report and senior leaders - to question, thoroughly understand, negotiate and push back where needed. She is very easy to talk to, asks lots of insightful questions that lead to introspection and real progress. She has made huge improvements to my leadership style and confidence in a larger role!

- Ryan, Head of Technology, Asia, Banking Industry


I have attended the embrace leadership workshops as well as participated in one-to-one coaching with Karen See. The leadership series was excellent! Time well spent learning valuable lessons such as how to show up as leader every day and how to understand others leadership styles in order to foster effective collaboration. Karen and Ken are engaging facilitators with a depth of experience and inspiring stories to share. Karen is a caring and motivating coach dedicated to helping women excel and succeed, and find what makes them happy as they navigate the corporate world.

- Jolene, Occupational Health & Safety


WiMN was a very enriching program for me. It changed the way I think about other women in my organisation and it gave me a different perspective on how to deal with conflict in the work place. I had an amazing time with Karen, Tanya and my fellow WiMN members and became better friends with everyone through the program. I will continue to support this program and recommend it to anyone.

- Inge, MBA student

I had the pleasure of undertaking the six-session Embrace leadership and lifestyle coaching programme with Ken. I found the programme very helpful in helping me determine values and principles in my work and non-work endeavours. It also helped to prioritise my different engagements and to identify hidden elements that were in the way of performing at my best. I would recommend Embrace for anyone as there are always things that one could improve in their work and performance!

- Christopher, APAC Business Development, State Street

I signed up for the {embrace} leadership programme in February after picking up early signs of burnout at work. Sleep, yoga, meditation, physical exercise, time in nature, none could ease the struggle I was going through so I knew that I had to re-assess my work-life balance dynamics. During my first coaching session with Ken Chow, I immediately was given the tools to do so, to set my priorities right, face those inner demons and clear out the negative self-talk. Ken has this incredible talent to pinpoint and ask all the right questions in every session we did, enabling you to get out of your own way and straight back into LIFE. I continue to be grateful for all the support given by the {embrace} team and look forward to diving deeper into the leadership series to unlock more true potential for growth, success and happiness. ~ Thank you Ken.

- Mimi, Project Manager Business Development, Lai Sun Group

Claire delivered the MBTI training to our team and it was a really productive session. Claire was very knowledgeable, explained the format well and used great examples to enable the team to fully understand. Claire is a professional, very articulate and as a result of the training and coaching she delivered my team have really gained a lot of value by understanding how each other work/operate and their ‘style preferences’ and as such this had a great impact on creating new habits within the team when dealing with each other. It was a great session, thanks again.

- Michelle, HR Director, Banking Industry

I would highly recommend Claire - I worked with Claire in preparing for a TEDX presentation, and found her coaching really helpful. She provided great feedback and support, was flexible about times and always responsive. She really helped me to do the best I could for an important event.

- Micaela, CEO, Nonprofit Organization