Karen See



An Australian of Chinese descent, Karen has lived in Sydney, London, New York and is currently based in Hong Kong. With regional roles in both Europe and Asia – she can truly claim to be a global executive having overseen nearly 50 countries.

Karen has a great understanding of people, how to motivate them and how to inspire them to be their very best.

With nearly 25 years experience in marketing communications specialising in public relations, advertising and media strategy, Karen has worked with multinational companies across industries including consumer electronics, IT, banking and finance.

As a marketing and communications professional Karen has a proven track record in building companies to generate brand value and growth.

As a professional coach, she has honed her corporate branding skills to help clients build their personal brand story to succeed in life and business.

As a women in leadership, Karen understands the trials and tribulations of juggling life and work.

A big believer in mentoring and coaching, Karen is committed to arming – all that will let her – with the tools to be better versions of themselves.

Karen is an active member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce; established the Women in MBA Network (WiMN) initiative in collaboration with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; and was on the Curation Group and speaker coach for the first TedxWomen in Hong Kong.


Karen helped me navigate some of the bigger challenges I was facing, and identify and focus on what was important to me in order to discover my own path for the future. She is a great listener, a great mentor and a great motivator. Karen’s compassion, experience and understanding has truly helped me to realise what ‘Success Everyday’ looks like for me, and to find the balance I wanted in work and life and become a better me!

- Louise, Head of Regional Communications, Communications Agency

{embrace} gave me the tools to consolidate my passion, my skills and my talents in what I now consider not a job — but my life. Having experienced {embrace} coaching, I only choose projects I enjoy — I don't take clients only to make money (anymore). And yet I have more work than ever before!
Having been a convert of {embrace} leadership, I am happier, more successful and I also feel I have found my purpose — that I am leaving some kind of legacy.

- Coral, Adjunct Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Coaching with Karen creates a safe space for me to express my thoughts, and worries. In return I finish every session with clarity and reassurance on how I will proceed and take responsibility for my own thoughts and actions.
Karen has been instrumental in my professional growth over this past year; I have seen my stress levels drop dramatically and an increase in my skill set to prioritise and accomplish tasks.
I can confidently say my sense of appreciation for my own thought processes, sheer determination and desire to be a better version of myself has directly been as a result of investing in a coach.

- Bobbie, Health and Wellness Coach

Karen helped me develop philosophies that underpin me as a professional. From session to session I was able to immediately implement behaviors that had real benefits. I saw beyond my challenges and was able to be more self-aware of the leader that I was and have a solid plan in place to become that leader that I wanted to be.
Karen gave me one very special piece of advice – it’s how you ‘show up’ that matters. Karen not only talked to me about what this means, but exemplified this in our sessions where she was fully present, engaged and never missed a beat!

- Michael, Business Director, Media and Communications Agency