Ken Chow

managing partner


Ken has over two decades of experience with globally recognised brands such as Nike, New Balance, NBA Asia and FootJoy. Armed with an MBA and a lifelong passion for learning and sports, he’s held key leadership positions in product development, merchandising, retail strategy, branding and product licensing, where he developed his deep understanding of various consumer markets across Asia as well as his expertise in global partnerships with the likes of Reebok, adidas, Electronic Arts and Spalding.

Ken’s underlying concerns about the impact of consumerism on the environment and human behaviour led him to seek more meaning and purpose in his professional life. His decade-long practise of mindfulness, including yoga meditation reiki, and volunteer experience at Mother’s Choice and Bring-Me-A-Book contributed to a self-reflective process and eventual realisation that he wanted to help empower others and bring out the best in people.

Through this journey, he is a firm believer that one needs to explore introspectively, self-develop, take responsibility for one’s actions to create greater mean, purpose and happiness in their personal and professional life.

As a Leadership & Transformational Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, Ken works with individuals and corporations — using training/coaching programs, reflective learning, mind set change and practical integration — to cocreate a high definition vision of their future.

A supporter of Diversity & Inclusion and Gender Equality Ken has also been a speaker Coach and Moderator for TedxTinHauWomen and Panel Moderator for several #metoo events in Hong Kong.