{embrace} worldwide launches ‘harmony’ seminars in Hong Kong featuring Buddhist Monk from Bhutan, Khenpo Lungtaen Gyatso

{embrace} worldwide, is proud to announce {embrace} harmony - a series of seminars featuring Bhutanese Monk, Khenpo Lungtaen Gyatso. A practicing monk, who has studied the philosophy of Buddhism, he has also completed academic organizational behavior, leadership and management courses.

Visiting Hong Kong from 13 – 17th May 2017, Khenpo will be sharing Buddhist teachings, universal human values, and achieving our life’s purpose – happiness and success.

“While teaching in Bhutan last year I had an opportunity to meet and participate in Khenpo’s class. His wise words, sage advice and thoughts on happiness and harmony left a lasting impression on how I live and work. With {embrace} harmony I can now share my ‘happy monk’ experience with the city of Hong Kong,” said
Karen See, co-founder of {embrace} worldwide.

While in Hong Kong, Khenpo will be conducting a number of private and public seminars in and around the city including: