Personal Branding and putting your best self forward

Personal Branding and putting your best self forward

Designed for women, this event at the Women’s Festival 2019 will focus on the number one barrier holding females back – self confidence. Confidence is an essential element of wellbeing, happiness and having a harmonious life because when we emanate self-belief and confidence, we are at our most powerful and most beautiful.

Over the two-hour workshop we will discuss:
.Believing in yourself, because if you don’t how do you expect others to?
.Confidence and competence. What’s more important?
.Personal presence: your way of being, communication and appearance.
.Tactics and tips, arming you with the tools to be more influential

This event promises to ignite your inner spark towards greater success. Don’t miss it!

Date: Sunday, 25 August, 2019

Time: 4-6pm

Venue: Eaton House, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan (exit B2)

Join us on a journey of hope and peace