wheel of success
every dayTM


The {embrace} philosophy is a proprietary system based on scientifically proven principles of human behavior, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience, as well as practical and relevant experience across professional coaching and corporate leadership.

When practiced in life the {embrace} philosophy leads to greater happiness and confidence, for success every day™. 



{e}motion: the power to regulate and harness our emotions for positive impact. Re-framing our emotions for greater self awareness, regulation and empathy to manage self and others.

{m}eaning: Developing your strengths and finding your meaning. Living a life with purpose and authenticity.

{b}elief: Celebrating and accepting who we are. Confidence and self belief starts from within and then resonates.

[r}isk taking: It’s stepping up, 'leaning in', participating and standing up to our fears and doubts.

{a}ptitude: We are a constant work-in-progress. Viewing failure as part of the journey to success. Continued learning, effort and feedback for professional and personal growth.

{c}ommunity: A haven for positive support. To collaborate effectively we must overcome our own biases to be a community. It’s coaching, mentoring, sponsorship, networking, learning and sharing.

{e}nergy: Learning to manage our physical, mental and spiritual energy. Focusing on meditation, mindfulness, exercise, sleep and nutrition.