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{embrace} worldwide works with the top universities in Asia Pacific. We have developed leadership programmes for under graduate, post graduate, MBA and faculty level. 

We believe, a degree arms students with the skills to manage in life. {embrace} leadership workshops arms you with the confidence skills to lead in life.


1. {embrace} leadership workshops

A combination of personal development and group coaching, {embrace} leadership workshops arm students with the knowledge and tools to be happy, confident and successful every day -- enhancing self awareness, self confidence and belief for personal growth and career success.

Levering the principles of neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, the leadership workshops focus on helping us to better understand ourselves and others to live a life in balance and harmony.

Key themes include:

  • Confidence and self-belief.

  • Generate full engagement for a balanced life.

  • Support personal growth of individuals to develop self-actualisation, authenticity, happiness and success in all aspects of life.

  • Building positive collaboration and inclusiveness across professional and personal relationships.

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2. {embrace} leadership "mentorship" programme

An opportunity to mentor, coach and build support for younger students to work with more experienced students across the university. This is a personal development initiative to enhance leadership.

The programme has been developed to enhance behavioural and communication skills; and highlight the benefits of mentoring for both the mentee and the mentor.


  • Enhance cross university relationships.

  • Develop interpersonal and career pathways within a university.

  • An opportunity to provide reverse mentoring.

  • Reinforce university best practice.

A year long program it will include:

  1. Workshop for Mentors and Mentees

  2. One-on-One Meetups

  3. {embrace} success workshops and group coaching


professional Services

The {embrace} philosophy is not a list of actions or tips, it is a mindset change - a way of being.

We will help you raise awareness to see gaps in your personal, professional and/or academic development. For an individual, the {embrace} philosophy enhances your way of being, and within an organisation, {embrace} creates positive culture change for stronger results.

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