leadership is not a title it is a way of being


{embrace} leadership for your organization


The {embrace} leadership philosophy is a proprietary system that has evolved from leadership experience of successful corporations and coaches, as well as scientifically proven principles of human behavior, positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

With programs designed for both men and women, the {embrace} leadership philosophy helps leaders achieve success every day. The philosophy supports the unmet needs of leadership programs today - shifting unconscious barriers to conscious actions supporting growth of self and others.

The {embrace} leadership program is not a list of tips, or just stories of experiences, but learnings to understand principles of human behavior, motivation, communication and engagement. Based on how our brain works, we provide training for groups to support the growth of individuals and organizations. 

Practicing the principles of {embrace} philosophy will:

  • raise women’s and men’s confidence
  • build positive collaboration and inclusiveness across all personal and professional relationships
  • generate full engagement for balanced life
  • generate happy, satisfied, motivated and loyal employees
  • generate greater productivity, creativity, innovation and customer loyalty
  • support personal growth of individuals to develop self actualization, authenticity, happiness, confidence and success every day  

Individuals benefit from discovering their way of being.

Organizations benefit from creating positive culture change for stronger business results. 



championing women leaders & diversity for business growth


Progressive executives know gender equality and diversity is the right thing for business. Recent McKinsey research has found a more diverse work force generates stronger financial growth and greater market capitalisation – making it smart business too.

Research finds companies with a higher proportion of women in executive roles achieve stronger financial results, growth, innovation, and a more satisfied and loyal employee and customer base.

However, despite policies and quotas encouraging greater female participation and promotion, and despite women having the ambition and competence to lead, talented women are still ‘stepping out’ from the leadership pipeline.

Ninety percent of women feel their employers are not doing enough to narrow the gender gap in leadership, and 70% feel their employers do not provide adequate resources to support their careers. 

the main challenges faced by women in organizations are: 

  1. lack of confidence in self, resulting in feeling of inauthenticity
  2. lack of collaboration, belonging, and trust in daily interactions
  3. lack of work-life-balance
  4. Thus, lack of engagement

Women leaders reportedly display stronger ‘soft skills’ to better lead people and collaborate - a much needed skill set for male leaders to attract, retain and engage the - ever expanding - millennial workforce.

At {embrace} worldwide, we believe It is no longer a question of ‘men’ versus ‘women’ leaders, but the ideal leadership profile to drive business growth. Initiatives are now needed to target the intrinsic and subconscious mindset and behavior of individuals. 



{embrace} products for organization success 

embrace products for success


{embrace} suite of executive products

Minimum 12 people per workshop.


{embrace} leadership

(two days)

A question of leadership: “Why would anyone want to follow you?” Designed for both men and women, participants will learn the principles of the {embrace} leadership philosophy – arming them with greater understanding, knowledge and tools to become the leader you would follow.

{embrace} thy self

(half day)

Designed for women only, this {embrace} workshop focuses on the no.1 barrier holding females back – confidence. By practicing the pillars of the {embrace} philosophy, women will work towards greater self belief in their professional and personal lives.

{embrace} personal presence 

(half day)

Focusing on the way we show up every day, this {embrace} workshop tackles the intrinsic and extrinsic factors and behaviors which impact’s a women’s personal brand.

{embrace} XY

(one day)

A workshop for men only, {embrace} XY, focuses on the ‘soft skill’s of leadership and influence that comes more naturally to women. Using the {embrace} philosophy, participants will also gain insights into unconscious bias and the intrinsic differences between men and women. 

{embrace} collaboration

(one day)

Positive work relations are essential to the continued harmony and growth to keep organizations thriving. Designed for men and women, participants will gain greater knowledge in understanding themselves and others, driving behavior change to champion team work; free of unconscious biases.

{embrace} engagement & balance 

(one day)

At {embrace} we don’t believe in work-life balance. It’s just life! Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to live your professional and personal life to the fullest. For men and women who really do want it all.

{embrace} productivity & effectiveness 

(one day)

Using the {embrace} philosophy, we investigate our relationship with time, tasks and motivation, to identify and address areas in our life that are holding us back from being our most effective selves. Designed for both men and women.

{embrace} creativity

(90-120 minutes), max. 20 people

As time pressures increase in corporate life, the need for creativity and innovation has never been greater. It is well known that great ideas take time, however in today’s instant, always on, robotic life, we work 24-7 to create innovative solutions at break neck speed and then we wonder why there is negligible difference in performance. {embrace} creativity is a program for clients and its stakeholders to drive collaboration and creative success for organizations — leveraging the proprietary {embrace} leadership philosophy backed by researched principles of neuroscience and positive psychology.

{embrace} executive coaching 

(six session)

With the {embrace} philosophy as our foundation, we offer a personalized executive coaching program to help you gain greater self awareness, confidence and success every day.

{embrace} retreats

{embrace} suite of programs offered as bespoke retreats in Himalayas, Bali, Phuket and Kerala. 





“I absolutely think this workshop served it’s purpose and the delivery of each message has been engraved in us all. The first time I teared up. Even in tears, I felt renewed, and embraced my inner self. It’s also about self acceptance”

Female participant of {embrace} thy self

“I think male managers can really benefit if they can learn how to utilize the strength of female staff and colleagues”

Male participant, {embrace} leadership

“There’s more depth in this workshop than many other leadership workshops I’ve attended...keep doing this!”

Female participant, {embrace} leadership

“Recommended especially for men as they make up a larger proportion of leaders to build their awareness and sponsorship of high potential women”

Female participant, {embrace} leadership

“After the workshop I have a refreshed leadership mindset and better understanding of ‘self’”

Male participant, {embrace} leadership