{embrace} leadership for your organization


The {embrace} leadership philosophy is a proprietary system that has evolved from leadership experience of successful corporations and coaches, as well as scientifically proven principles of human behavior, positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

With programs designed for both men and women, the {embrace} leadership philosophy helps leaders achieve success every day. The philosophy supports the unmet needs of leadership programs today - shifting unconscious barriers to conscious actions supporting growth of self and others.

The {embrace} leadership program is not a list of tips, or just stories of experiences, but learnings to understand principles of human behavior, motivation, communication and engagement. Based on how our brain works, we provide training for groups to support the growth of individuals and organizations. 

Practicing the principles of {embrace} philosophy will:

  • raise women’s and men’s confidence
  • build positive collaboration and inclusiveness across all personal and professional relationships
  • generate full engagement for balanced life
  • generate happy, satisfied, motivated and loyal employees
  • generate greater productivity, creativity, innovation and customer loyalty
  • support personal growth of individuals to develop self actualization, authenticity, happiness, confidence and success every day  

Individuals benefit from discovering their way of being.

Organizations benefit from creating positive culture change for stronger business results. 



{embrace} your organisation

Progressive executives know gender equality is the right thing for business. Much research supports the notion that a more diverse work force generates stronger financial growth and greater market capitalisation – making it smart business too.

Companies with a higher proportion of women in executive roles achieve stronger financial results, growth, innovation as well as more satisfied and loyal employees and customers.

Policies and quotas are a much needed and important start, but unfortunately do not change mindsets, culture and behaviour.

Recognising the impact of ‘unconscious biases’ and the invisible barriers that hinder the performance of women, the {embrace} philosophy draws upon neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology to create greater self awareness and drive behaviour change. 





“I absolutely think this workshop served it’s purpose and the delivery of each message has been engraved in us all. The first time I teared up. Even in tears, I felt renewed, and embraced my inner self. It’s also about self acceptance”

Female participant of {embrace} thy self

“I think male managers can really benefit if they can learn how to utilize the strength of female staff and colleagues”

Male participant, {embrace} leadership

“There’s more depth in this workshop than many other leadership workshops I’ve attended...keep doing this!”

Female participant, {embrace} leadership

“Recommended especially for men as they make up a larger proportion of leaders to build their awareness and sponsorship of high potential women”

Female participant, {embrace} leadership

“After the workshop I have a refreshed leadership mindset and better understanding of ‘self’”

Male participant, {embrace} leadership