pre-workshop homework

We will ask delegates to fill out a pre-questionnaire. A work book will be provided for delegates to engage in activities and record their personal journey.

day one


Setting the scene: the role of women, our current predicament, understanding invisible barriers, unconscious bias and cultural issues that hinder women’s success. Together, as a community, we will work through the many issues women face -- you are not alone!

We will delve into the aspects of leadership. How do you live authentically as a leader adapting to change, managing people and allowing them to thrive. Working through the seven pillars of {embrace}, we will build the foundation towards making you a leader in all aspects of life.

Starting with the first {e}, we will discuss how we regulate and harness our emotions for positive impact. By recognising and accepting we can choose our emotions we can start to re-frame our mindsets to change behaviours.

Using the principles of positive psychology, we will discuss what generates happiness and success in life by finding our {m}eaning. We will assess our values and strengths and what makes you thrive.

Having we established our values and meaning, we will look at our {b}eliefs and how our critical voice hinders our journey to grow.  Using neuroscience techniques, we will help you gain a greater understanding of our hormones, male hormones and the impact this has on our confidence as women and men.

With the confidence to move forward, the {r}isk taking session arms us with tools and understanding to change your way of being, on the road to being a better version of yourself.

Group activities will be incorporated throughout the session.

day two (half day)


Using neuroscience tools, we will review our {a}ptitude and the role failure plays to help us continually grow and change. As a group and {c}ommunity, we will work through how {embrace} enhances collaboration in our relationships and we will also discuss how {e}nergy is the fuel that helps us replenish and manage our our entire well being.

We will conclude our workshop with reviewing the seven pillars of {embrace}. We will consolidate our goals, actions, and intentions to achieving happiness, confidence and success every day.

Group activities will be incorporated throughout the session. 

Be the leader you deserve to be and live a happier, confident and successful life every day

1.5 days {embrace} leadership workshop

Women start careers with the same level of intelligence, education, and commitment as men. Yet comparatively few reach the top echelons because life gets in the way. Juggling the many roles we have each and every day, can a women really ‘have it all’ and do we want it?

The {embrace} leadership work shop provides a better understanding on how to empower women to lead in all aspects of life, focusing on women’s confidence, self belief, acceptance and living an authentic and meaningful life.

Designed for men and women – it aids support, collaboration and a better understanding of the ways we can work together to build growth and productivity in your work and personal life.

The {embrace} leadership philosophy is a proprietary system based on scientifically proven principles of human behaviour, neuroscience, and positive psychology combined with practical and relevant experience across professional coaching, emotional intelligence, corporate leadership and personal growth.

As part of the workshop we will develop goals, intentions and an action plan to ensure all delegates live a happier, more confident and successful life.