wheel of success
every dayTM


{e}motion: the power to regulate and harness our emotions for positive impact. Re-framing our emotions for greater self awareness, regulation and empathy to manage self and others.

{m}eaning: Developing your strengths and finding your meaning. Living a life with purpose and authenticity.

{b}elief: Celebrating and accepting who we are. Confidence and self belief starts from within and then resonates.

[r}isk taking: It’s stepping up, 'leaning in', participating and standing up to our fears and doubts.

{a}ptitude: We are a constant work-in-progress. Viewing failure as part of the journey to success. Continued learning, effort and feedback for professional and personal growth.

{c}ommunity: A haven for positive support. To collaborate effectively we must overcome our own biases to be a community. It’s coaching, mentoring, sponsorship, networking, learning and sharing.

{e}nergy: Learning to manage our physical, mental and spiritual energy. Focusing on meditation, mindfulness, exercise, sleep and nutrition.