championing women leaders & diversity for business growth


Progressive executives know gender equality and diversity is the right thing for business. Recent McKinsey research has found a more diverse work force generates stronger financial growth and greater market capitalisation – making it smart business too.

Research finds companies with a higher proportion of women in executive roles achieve stronger financial results, growth, innovation, and a more satisfied and loyal employee and customer base.

However, despite policies and quotas encouraging greater female participation and promotion, and despite women having the ambition and competence to lead, talented women are still ‘stepping out’ from the leadership pipeline.

Ninety percent of women feel their employers are not doing enough to narrow the gender gap in leadership, and 70% feel their employers do not provide adequate resources to support their careers. 

the main challenges faced by women in organizations are: 

  1. lack of confidence in self, resulting in feeling of inauthenticity
  2. lack of collaboration, belonging, and trust in daily interactions
  3. lack of work-life-balance
  4. Thus, lack of engagement

Women leaders reportedly display stronger ‘soft skills’ to better lead people and collaborate - a much needed skill set for male leaders to attract, retain and engage the - ever expanding - millennial workforce.

At {embrace} worldwide, we believe It is no longer a question of ‘men’ versus ‘women’ leaders, but the ideal leadership profile to drive business growth. Initiatives are now needed to target the intrinsic and subconscious mindset and behavior of individuals.